Swap Meet Vendor Information

The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace will be open
Wednesday’s from 8:00am – 3:00pm
Saturday’s from 8:00am – 3:00pm
Sunday’s from 6:30am – 3:00pm

Face coverings (everyone 5 years and older) and social distancing are required. Vehicle must have the legal number of passengers (no more than 5) and be of the same household per proclamation guidelines provided by the Governor and Mayor.

AIEA, HAWAII (December 17, 2020) The Aloha Stadium Authority announced its decision today to reduce operations and place a moratorium on new events at the Stadium. These changes are being adopted in response to COVID-19 safety restrictions that have severely limited revenue generation opportunities. Events that were reserved prior to today’s decision will be honored and activities in the parking lot will continue, including the drive-through Christmas display and Swap Meet & Marketplace.

For more information contact Centerplate Office at 808 486.6704

Due to the Mayor’s and Governor’s Proclamation on social distancing, the Swap Meet & Marketplace will remain in a reconfigured format. 

Once the Governor lifts the social distancing order, original booths will be returned. During the modified configuration, if you do not wish to participate, your credits will be held until original stalls are given back.


Vendor payments during closed dates will be credited once the swap meet reopens. 

EFFECTIVE September 12, 2020

  • Premium D Row stalls will be open on Saturdays and Sundays for vendor booths at $70 per day.
  • Booths that were awarded on 8/21/20 will be renewable until social distancing is lifted at which time vendors will be returned to their original booths prior to COVID-19 modifications (March 2020).
  • C Row Booths will be available at $25 per day.


A regular monthly lottery will be held on the last swap meet day of every month at 3 pm unless otherwise noted. At this lottery, vendors can reserve a new stall or switch their location to a different stall. Once you receive the stall of your choice, you can renew that stall by paying for it prior to the next lottery date. If you don’t renew your stall with payment, that stall will be placed back in the lottery for the next month.

Permanent Lottery: Friday, April 23rd
Last Payment Day: Sunday, April 25th
Vacation Lottery: Wednesday, April 28th

*10am switch / 1pm new stall / 2pm bonus

Information for Permanent Lottery

Permanent Lottery Procedures

Daily Lottery Procedures

Vacation -Absentee Lottery Procedures

Additional questions: 

Q: Who do I contact for questions about the reopening, stall sales, etc?
A: Please contact Box 6 at 808.486.6704. If no one answers please leave a message and they will return your call.

Q: Is there someone answering phones during the day?
A: Yes we have a Centerplate team member available to take your calls now through Friday from 8:00am-4:30pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 8:00am – 1:00pm. Please feel free to leave a message if no one answers and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Q: Is there still an opportunity to sign up?
A: Yes, please contact the office.  You may also sign up on days the swap meet is open.  If you sign up on the day of the swap meet:  please bring your application and your Hawaii State G.E. License (if you are a regular monthly vendor) to the Box Office by Section 6 either Saturday or Sunday between the hours of 8:15AM – 3:00PM.  After entering through the Main Gate, you’re going to take the first right.  As you’re taking that right, Section 3 will be on your right and Section 4 will be on your left.  Drive towards the stadium until you are forced left.  This will take you to our Box Office.  (The Section 6 Box Office is where Gate 6 Meets Section 6.  There are 8 Gates and 14 Sections, Both Gate 6 and Section 6 line up where our Box office is located).

Q: If I just want to come in as daily vendor do I have to fill out an application?
A: No if you prefer to come in as a daily vendor vs a monthly regular vendor no application is needed. You will enter through the parking gate, pay your $25 fee and will be redirected to a stall.

Q: What do you mean by a modified layout?
A: Currently, only A, B and C Rows and limited D Row will be used for vendor booths.  There will be one (1) vacant parking space in-between each vendor booth to help with social distancing requirements.

Q: What time can we set up?
A: For monthly vendors who already have be designated a stall number you may set up starting at 4:00am. Daily vendors should enter through the Main Salt Lake Blvd Gate 1 – far left lane to be redirected to finalize a stall and payment.

Q: What time do we have to be out of the stadium?
A: With regular closing now at 3:00pm, all vendors must be cleaned up and out by 5:00pm. Please make sure you remove all your rubbish and keep your area clean as you found it.

Q: What supplies am I required to bring with me in order to comply with all COVID-19 guidelines?
A: All vendors and staff including daily vendors will need to wear face coverings at all times. You must also provide hand sanitizer in your tents available for staff and customers. You will also need to sanitize your products after customer contact. If you do not have these supplies you will not be able to set up.

Q: Are there any vendor restrictions?
A: Vendors must comply with all State and Federal laws. In addition, no food or ready to serve beverage may be sold without approval from the Aloha Stadium Concessions contractor. Vendors will not be allowed to sell any type of weapon, if you have a question regarding they types of weapons, please contact Box 6.

Q: Where will customers park?
A: Shoppers will be able to enter through the Main Salt Lake Blvd Gate 1. Once inside the stadium, shoppers may park in the Bus Lot, outer circular rows E, D and Upper Halawa Lot.

Q: How will I be able to control my customers coming in and out of my tent?
A: Each shopping row will be one-way and tents will be spaced out to allow for shoppers to form a queue line outside of your tent if needed.

Q: Is the North Plaza open?
A: Yes restrooms, the nurse’s station and concession stand will be open during swap meet hours. The official CGear Shop and any stadium tours are currently closed.

Vendors Interested in learning more about the NASED Project?
The Stadium Authority values the Swap Meet and Marketplace and recognizes that it generates a significant portion of the stadium’s overall revenues. We want the Swap Meet to remain central to the future of the new venue and accommodations of vendors’ needs will be integrated into the new facility’s programming.

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For additional information and updates visit http://nased.hawaii.gov/