Honolulu Stadium

Honolulu Stadium was a multi-purpose stadium located in the Moʻiliʻili district of Honolulu, at the corner of King and Isenberg Streets. Opened in 1926, it was the primary sports venue in Hawaiʻi for the next 49 years. The stadium held roughly 24,000-people with only 80-parking stalls. In a live.work. play concept, you parked where you could and walked as far as you needed in order to get to your event.

  • Honolulu Stadium opened on November 11, 1926. It served as one of the major recreational outlets for Honolulu; events held at the stadium included a wide spectrum of activities: football, baseball, stock car racing, boxing, religious ceremonies, carnivals and concerts.
  • Hawaiʻi’s first night game was held at the Honolulu Stadium in 1930; the UH Rainbows defeated Hackmen of Neal Blaisdell’s Honolulu Athletic Club (28-0.)
  • The stadium hosted Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio (who hit a home run out of the park in 1944) and Jesse Owens. Irving Berlin performed in 1945, Elvis Presley performed in 1957, while Billy Graham preached in 1958.
  • It was the home of the Rainbows of University of Hawaiʻi (1926-1975,) the Hawaiians of the World Football League (1974) and the Hawaiʻi Islanders of the Pacific Coast League (1961 to 1975.)
  • April 20, 1961, Honolulu Stadium hosted the first game of the new home-team Hawaiʻi Islanders, a minor-league pro baseball franchise of the Pacific Coast League. (The Islanders beat the Vancouver Mounties 4-3.)
  • The Honolulu Stadium was demolished in 1976, after Aloha Stadium was completed. The Honolulu Stadium is now a public park for all to enjoy.

Courtesy of https://imagesofoldhawaii.com/honolulu-stadium/