Aloha Stadium Parking Map and Rates

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All parking gates are CASH ONLY

Stadium Events (excluding Professional Sports Events, Concerts, and Swap Meet & Marketplace)
$9.00 per car
32.00 per bus or limousine

Professional Sports Events and Concerts  
$17.00 per car
$32.00 per bus or limousine

Swap Meet & Marketplace
$1.00 per person, 12 years and older
Free, 11 years and under


aloha stadium parking map with gate numbers

Entrance through Parking Gate 1 (Main Salt Lake) – Use Kamehameha Highway or Salt Lake Blvd.
Entrance through Parking Gate 2 (North Kamehameha) – Use Kamehameha Highway.
Entrance through Parking Gate 3 (Halawa) – Upper and Lower Halawa parking lots only – Use Kahuapaani St. only.
Entrance through Parking Gate 4 (Lower Salt Lake) – Upper and Lower Halawa parking lots only – Use Kahuapaani St. only.
*During UH games only Entrance through Business Access Gate – Upper Halawa Reserved (PASSES ONLY); Use Salt Lake Blvd. or Kahuapaani St.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to get a parking pass? 
Depending on the event, parking passes may be available. Event pages will provide more information if passes are available. Cost of an event pass will vary per client and event.

What is required to park in (ADA) accessible parking?
Accessible parking spaces are issued on a first come, first served basis. Disability parking during major events will be located in sections 2AB/3B/6A/9A/13A and the Upper Halawa Parking Lot.  Disability parking for non-major events may be added to accommodate disabled Guests. Guests must have placard clearly visible at all times -displayed on the rear view mirror or on the front dashboard.

Are there Electric Vehicle charging stations?
Aloha Stadium is proud to offer two electric car charging stations located in parking section 2A.  Use of this station is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Are there specific pick up/drop off areas?
Drop Off location
A convenient drop-off zone is available in Upper Halawa Lot section 1F for all ride share, taxi, and private vehicles. No entrance fee is required at drop off zone. Vehicles enter through Kalaloa Gate and exit stadium parking lot onto Salt Lake Blvd through the exit gate. Do not drop off or pick up on Salt Lake Blvd.

Pick Up location
Patrons are encouraged to use the pedestrian cross walk and have drivers pick up before Kalaloa Street. Drivers use Salt Lake Blvd south bound lanes across the stadium. Do not use north bound traffic lanes to pick up. Cars will be exiting out of Main Salt Lake Blvd Gate 1.

What time do gates open?
Gate opening times vary by event.  For UH games, parking in the Upper and Lower Halawa Lots open 5 hours prior to kick-off.  All other lots open 4 hours prior to kick-off.
The turnstile gates for UH games open 1 ½ hours prior to kick-off.  Please check individual event pages for more information prior to the event as times are subject to change.

What time do parking gates close?
Parking lots close 1 hours after event.