A-Z Guide of Guest Services and Policies

Here you will find all you need to know when visiting the Aloha Stadium


Aloha Stadium was designed for all guests to enjoy.  However, there are certain areas of the stadium that can only be accessed with a designated ticket or credential. Guests should keep their ticket stubs with them at all times to avoid any confusion as they enjoy the stadium and its amenities. Guests may sit only in the seats for which they have tickets.

The following are areas with designated access requirements:

-VIP Rooms
-Football Press Box
-Locker Rooms
-Hospitality Room

Accessible seating shall be limited to wheelchair users, ambulatory individuals who use mobility aids (crutches, walkers, canes, etc.) and ambulatory individuals with mobility impairments and their companions.  Each disabled patron may purchase one (1) disabled ticket and three (3) companion tickets.

Aloha Stadium
P.O. Box 30666
Honolulu, HI 96820-0666

(Physical Address for Directions or Deliveries)
99-500 Salt Lake Boulevard
Aiea, HI 96701

Aloha Stadium wants all guests to have a memorable experience while visiting the facility.  For those choosing to enjoy alcoholic beverages, we are pleased to make them available at concession locations throughout the stadium. Guests who consume alcohol are expected to do so in a responsible manner. Must be 21 years or older to possess and consume alcohol. *It is unlawful for any adult to provide or purchase alcohol for consumption by minors under the age of 21. 

Alcohol Admission Policies:
No alcohol (including non-alcoholic beer and wine) or illegal drugs may be brought into Aloha Stadium.

No person who is obviously intoxicated may enter Aloha Stadium; Stadium Gate Ushers refusing admission will be fully supported by management and security.

Alcoholic beverages of any kind may not be removed from the stadium.


NO alcohol served.  Absolutely NO alcohol consumption will be allowed on the property of Aloha Stadium (parking lot included).


All alcohol sales to stop at the end of the 3rd quarter.


Licensee to request for alcohol cut-off time.

No Animals allowed at Aloha Stadium, except for ADA-Compliant Service Animals.
Service animals (ADA-Compliant) are welcome inside Aloha Stadium and must remain on a leash or in a harness at all times. Accommodations will be made for an animal relief area. We ask all guests who plan on bringing a service animal to an event to please call 808-483-2500 so the Stadium staff can properly provide the best possible service.

Assisted listening devices for hearing impaired guests are available at no charge in the Information Room located on the south side of the stadium on the outer concourse, Section A during scheduled events.  Credentials and certain requirements will apply.  Call our Events Office in advance at 808-486-9511 for further information.

There are three Bank of Hawaii ATM locations for the convenience of our guests:

  • Right side of the Main Box Office, south end, street level.
  • Behind Section BB, south plaza, outer main concourse.
  • Behind Section V, north plaza, outer main concourse.
  • During the football season additional ATMs WILL BE AVAILABLE:
    Section J – Maiaki sideline
    Section JJ – Mauka sideline
    Next to Papa Johns – south plaza
    BankMobile – fronting volcano/box office

Baby changing stations are located in all restrooms throughout Aloha Stadium. These restrooms are located in the outer concourse of sections: D, DD, G, GG, P, PP, S, SS.

It is our responsibility to ensure that reasonable precautions are taken to prevent an incident from occurring during events at Aloha Stadium. The safety of our Guests is an integral component of the stadium’s customer service program.  All bags are subject to inspection before they are permitted into the stadium.In an effort to enhance public safety and facilitate a faster entry through the gates, Aloha Stadium has modified its security policy by limiting the size and number of bags allowed in the stadium.
Each person shall be allowed one bag that does not exceed 12” x 6” x 12” in size.
In addition, each person will be allowed to hand-carry a blanket, poncho or jacket, along with a soft-sided seat cushion. Exceptions will only be made for medically necessary items, after proper inspection. Strollers are allowed, however they must be collapsible and fit underneath the seat and stored safely without obstructing the aisle-ways for other guests.  Non-approved bags must be returned to vehicle or discarded. Hard-sided coolers will not be permitted. Guests are encouraged to read the listing of prohibited items before arriving at the stadium.  Guests should also arrive early to allow additional time to enter the stadium. Aloha Stadium will not be responsible for any personal items left at the gate.

A. Banners/Signs are permissible in the stadium when they are safely constructed and displayed in such manner so as not to obstruct the view of spectators.

B. No banners/signs shall be affixed or secured to stadium property.

C. Banners/Signs should be made of paper or soft fabric that can be rolled up.

D. Aloha Stadium reserves the right to remove any banners/signs.

Bicycle parking is available in Section 1E and 14 E on the south side of the stadium.  The bicycle rack parking area opens at the same time as the parking gates.

Bottles, cans or beverage containers of any kind are not allowed into Aloha Stadium. A search will be conducted at the gates to prevent these and other prohibited items from entering the stadium.  Empty (including no ice) non-glass beverage containers 40 oz. or less are permitted subject to inspection. Aloha Stadium will not be responsible for any personal items left at the gate.

The Box Office is open Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm.  Hours vary on Event dates.  The information line is: 808-486-9300.

Payment for Tickets:
For all minor events, the Box Office accepts cash only unless otherwise stated.

For UH Football and the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl: the Box Office accepts Visa, Master Card or Cash.

Aloha Stadium will receive explicit instructions from the licensee on whether or not the use of cameras or video recorders will be permitted at their event.  Accredited photographers/reporters may be authorized to take pictures in the stands/field. Photographers must check in at the Information Room to receive approval.  Information staff will issue a Media Field Pass for photographers requesting to go on the field.  The pass must be returned at the end of event. Photographers are NOT permitted to stand in aisles, concourse area or obstruct others from viewing the event.

For certain events, it is not required that young children have tickets.  In this situation, children must sit on the lap of an accompanying adult.  Fold-up strollers should be stored under the seat.

University of Hawaii Football: Children three (3) years and under do not need a ticket.
High School Football: Children four (4) years and under do not need a ticket.
Pro-Bowl: Children one (1) year and under do not need a ticket.
For all other events, please call 808-483-2500 for details.

Aloha Stadium is committed to provide a memorable experience for all guests in a safe and enjoyable environment. When attending an event, the stadium staff will proactively intervene to support an atmosphere free from the following behaviors:

A. Harassment, foul, obscene, offensive or abusive language or actions.

B. Obstructing the view of other guests.

C. Signs of impairment due to intoxication.

D. Smoking outside of designated areas.

E. Fighting.

F. Unruly or inconsiderate behavior.

G. Throwing of any objects.

H. Interfering with the progress of the event(s) or entering the field.

I. Failing to follow instructions by stadium personnel.

J. Failure to sit in assigned location or seat.

K. Destroying or defacing stadium property.

L. Loitering.

M. Failure to follow stadium policies and procedures.

Guests who choose not to adhere to the “Guest Code of Conduct” will be subject to removal without refund. Please call our Security Hotline at (808) 483-2807 if you need assistance or to report any violations.

Centerplate manages concession and merchandise stands and provides special catering services for Aloha Stadium. With more than 80 client venues throughout the continental U.S. and Hawaii, Centerplate specializes in serving ballparks, stadiums, amphitheaters, theme parks, airports, civic and convention centers and indoor arenas. Based in Spartanburg, S.C., Centerplate has been serving patrons for more than 30 years. Centerplate offers a variety of items at stands located throughout the Stadium. All concession stands at Aloha Stadium accept every major credit and debit card.

To contact Centerplate, please call: (808)488-0924.

DIRECTIONS (to the stadium)
Physical Address: 99-500 Salt Lake Blvd. Aiea, HI 

From the East (Honolulu/Waikiki):
-Take H-1 Westbound.
-Keep left and take I-H201 W/HI-78 via Exit 19B toward Fort Shafter/Aiea
-Take EXIT 1 toward Stadium/Camp Smith/Halawa
-Stay straight to go onto Ulune Ext.
-Turn left onto Kahuapaani Street
-Turn right onto Salt Lake Boulevard

From the West (Koolina, Kapolei, Waianae):
-Take H-1 Eastbound.
-Merge onto I-H201 E/HI-78 E via EXIT 13B
-Take EXIT 1B toward Stadium/Pearl Harbor
-Merge (right) onto Kahuapaani Street
-Turn Right onto Salt Lake Boulevard

From Windward Side (Kailua/Kaneohe):
-Take H-3 W toward Pearl Harbor
-Take EXIT 1C toward Stadium/Halawa/Camp Smith/Aiea
-Stay straight and go onto Ulune Ext.
-Turn Left onto Kahuapaani Street
-turn right onto Salt Lake Boulevard

Be sure to visit the traffic cam link at: http://alohastadium.hawaii.edu/alohastadiumcams.html

Aloha Stadium is committed to providing every guest, including those with vision, hearing, mobility or other disabilities, with a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Accessible seating options are available on the main concourse level.  Assisted listening devices are available upon request at the Information Room located on the outer concourse, Section A.  Guests with disabilities and their companions are given first priority for service at the elevator located on the south end of the stadium.  Ushers are located throughout the stadium to assist any guest requiring assistance in locating their seats and stadium services.

Aloha Stadium provides a DVD/video service that includes high school events dating back to 1991. Forms are available in the Information Room during events and the Events Office during business hours (Monday through Friday, 7:45am to 4:30pm), and on our website. For more information call 486-9511 or visit our website: alohastadium.hawaii.gov

Aloha Stadium is proud to offer two electric car charging stations located in parking section 2A.  Use of this station is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

Aloha Stadium participates in the nationwide “If You See Something, Say Something” public awareness campaign – This simple and effective program to raise public awareness of indicators of terrorism and terrorism-related crime, and to emphasize the importance of reporting suspicious activity to the proper local law enforcement authorities.  This system is activated during UH Games, the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl and the Pro Bowl.  To use this system, text “Aloha” to 78247 if you see any suspicious behavior.

There are five entrances into the stadium parking areas.

Gate 1: Located on upper Salt Lake Boulevard, this is the main entrance and the best entry point for parking sections 1-7 as well as the Bus Lot.

Gate 2: Located on Kamehameha Highway, this is the best entrance for parking in sections 8-14.

Gate 3: This is the Kahuapaani Street entrance and the best entry point for parking in the Upper Halawa Lot.

Gate 4: This is the Lower Salt Lake Boulevard entrance and the entry point for parking in the Lower Halawa Lot.

Gate 5: Kam Lot entrance. *TEMPORARILY CLOSED 

*Note: The Aiea Pedestrian Bridge Gate will remain locked up at all times except during major events. For Business, please use the main Salt Lake entrance.

To assist with moving from the ground level up to the main concourse, escalators can be found at section K on the Makai side and section KK on the Mauka side.

The field is a restricted area for stadium personnel, players, coaches, officials and other designated individuals, including the media.  Field policies include the following:

A. NO food, drinks (water okay), snacks, vehicles, or smoking allowed on field.

B. NO tripods allowed during sporting events.

C. Non-Participants: No one under the age of 10 years old will be allowed onto the field during an event.

D. Participants/non-participants will enter (by listing or credential) via the North Tunnel,
Security Desk, or 50 yard line field steps.

E. Non-participants must stay behind the yellow demarcation line.

F. Licensee shall secure and cover all cables.

G. High School Football – Each participating high school is entitled to 2 field passes. These are usually for the yearbook or school newspaper staff. Field passes can be signed-out at the Information Room. Passes are non-transferable.

Trained medical personnel and facilities are available at Aloha Stadium.
First Aid stations are located:

  • Behind of Section AA, south plaza, outer main concourse.
  • Behind of Section VV, north plaza, outer main concourse

Gate opening times vary by event.  For UH games, parking in the Upper and Lower Halawa Lots open 5 hours prior to kick-off.  All other lots open 4 hours prior to kick-off.
The turnstile gates for UH games open 1 ½ hours prior to kick-off.  Please check individual event pages for more information prior to the event as times are subject to change.

The Aloha Stadium Information Rooms are located on the outer main concourse of Sections AA and VV.

If you see or experience a housekeeping problem or maintenance concern, please notify your nearest Event Staff member, or visit a Guest Services Center located on the outer main concourse behind Sections AA and VV.

Floral leis are allowed. Snack Leis are allowed with the following restrictions: Must be pre-made with each item measuring no larger than 4” x 4” x 2”, and no liquids.

If a personal item is lost or stolen during an event at Aloha Stadium, please go to our Information Room located behind of Section A, south plaza, outer main concourse.  You may also call our Events Office at 808-486-9511 during the following hours:

•          Monday – 7:45 am to 4:30 pm
•          Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday – 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
•          Friday – 7:45 am to 4:30 pm

Every child should be told to contact the nearest Stadium staff member should he or she become lost or to report to the Information Room located on the outer main concourse of Section A.  To help lost kids find their parents, small children should have their tickets pinned to their shirt or pants, or tucked into a pocket at all times while inside stadium.

Our mission is to meet the challenge of providing a first class arena where the dreams of our young people can be realized through participation in sporting and other special events; where the spirit of achievement can be nourished by the thrill of competition; where families can gather to share their cultural diversity with pride and a feeling of Aloha.

A. TRAFFIC: No person shall operate any vehicle on the stadium premises:

1. At a speed in excess of twenty-five miles per hour.

2. In a careless or negligent manner or in such a manner as to endanger or injure persons or property.

3. In a direction other than as indicated by signs erected and designated for one-way traffic movement unless otherwise directed by an authorized official.

4. While under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

B. PARKING: Parking rules on the stadium premises:

1. Unless otherwise directed by the stadium parking personnel, no person shall park
a vehicle in any of the following places:

• Wherever the curbings are painted red to indicate no parking.

• In marked pedestrian crosswalks and walkways.

• On roadways and locations where a parked vehicle may constitute an obstruction,
or a traffic hazard.

• Places where official signs prohibit parking.

• Areas designated by stadium management as restricted areas.

2. No person shall park a vehicle on the roadway or in any area of the parking lot in
such a manner as to block other vehicles, or to restrict the free movement of
vehicular traffic unless otherwise directed by an authorized official.

3. Parking is on a “first-come, first-park” basis and reserving parking stalls, or
spaces shall be prohibited unless written authorization is obtained from the
Manager.  Each vehicle shall be parked wholly within a designated stall and shall not
straddle or occupy space of an adjoining stall.

4. Vehicles parked in violation, may be towed off the premises at the expense of the
vehicle owner or driver.

5. The following are PROHIBITED:

• Pegging of any kind.

• Recreational play (including, but not limited to ball playing, Frisbee tossing,
football tossing, bicycle riding, skateboarding, rollerblading). No remote control devices allowed on property.

• Sponsorship/Advertising banners or signs.

• Animals, except ADA-Compliant service animals

or as approved by the Stadium Manager.

• Concerts, public performances, contests, and live broadcasting without prior approval from Stadium Manager.

• Excessively loud music.

• Motorized remote controlled devices.

• Soliciting, hawking, selling, passing out literature handouts or giving away free items without prior approval from Stadium Manager.

6. ADA PARKING: Disability parking during major events will be located in section
2AB/3B/6A/9A/13A and the Upper Halawa Parking Lot.  Disability parking for non-
major events may be added to accommodate disabled Guests.

•Guests must have placard clearly visible at all times -displayed on the rear view mirror or on the front dashboard.

•Parking citations will be issued to illegally parked vehicles.


• Media parking (passes only) Section 1-C & 2C.

• Official parking (passes only) Section 1-B.

• Special VIP Guests South Red Zone.

• TV Compound Section 7AB.

• Additional reserved parking sections may be requested by the event licensee.

The following items are PROHIBITED from entering the Aloha Stadium turnstiles: Weapons; Noise Makers; Illegal Drugs; Cans & Bottles; Umbrellas; Coolers; Fireworks; Outside Food & Beverages (Snack Leis permissible, but must be pre-made with each item measuring no larger than 4” x 4” x 2”, and no liquids); Inflatable objects of any kind; Confetti; Balloons; Lasers; Poles & Sticks; Skateboards; rollerblades; Bicycles; Animals (except ADA-Compliant Service Animals); motorized remote controlled devices (including drones); or any items which may pose a health or safety issue to our guests and employees. All bags, jackets, guests and vehicles are subject to search upon entering the premises.

Paging guests over the public address system is not permitted except in the case of locating lost children or in the event of a medical emergency. If guests need paging for emergency purposes, contact any usher or report to the Information Room for assistance.

Click here for updated information all Pro Bowl policies

Aloha Stadium has a NO RE-ENTRY policy. Guest(s) may exit and return for emergency purposes only.

Restrooms are located in the outer concourse of sections: D, DD, G, GG, P, PP, S, SS

The Security Office and holding area is located on the South end street level, right of the Main Box Office.  Please call our Security Hotline at (808) 483-2807 if you need assistance or to report any violations.

For the health and comfort of others, smoking of any kind, including the use of electronic/vapor cigarettes will not be permitted in the seating areas and restrooms. Smoking will be allowed in the following designated areas:

A. Service Roads behind the green demarcation line.

B. On top of Spirals behind the green demarcation line.

Guests who fail to comply with this policy may be subject to removal from the stadium.

Guests are prohibited from distributing banners, booklets, business cards, circulars, commercial advertising, flyers, folders, handbills, leaflets, notices, pamphlets, posters, stickers or any other written, printed and/or painted materials, without advance written permission from Stadium Manager.

This one-hour tour provides special interest groups the opportunity to visit this multi-purpose facility that has served Hawaii since 1975. Guests will have the opportunity to see what actually goes on behind the scenes as we prepare for an event. Tour attractions will include visits to the field, team locker rooms, press box level, and much more! For more information call the Marketing Office at 808-483-7133.

Aloha Stadium welcomes guests with strollers.  Strollers must be collapsible and fit underneath the seat and stored safely without obstructing the aisle-ways for other guests.

Hawaii’s largest open air flea market is open three days a week and takes place in the Aloha Stadium parking lot.

Market Place Hours: Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays 8:00am – 3:00pm

Swap Meet Hours: Wednesdays/Saturdays 8:00am – 3:00pm; Sunday 6:30am – 3:00pm

Admission is $1 per person, 11 years and under are free.
For more information, please visit: www.alohastadiumswapmeet.net. The swap meet will have modified times and configurations for all University of Hawaii Football home games unless otherwise noted.

Taxi pick-up and drop-off is available at the main entrance gate for large events.

Pre-game and post-game tailgate party rules in the stadium parking lot (tailgating is allowed only at all University of Hawaii games, Hawaii Bowl, Professional Sporting Events. NO tailgating is allowed at any other Stadium event unless noted):

1. Cars, tables, chairs, barbecue pits and tents must be confined to one stall. Groups may park contiguous to one another and share a tent or equipment traversing their vehicles and their stalls. However, there should be no empty stalls between their vehicles and tailgating parties should not expect to occupy empty stalls near their party. NO LOITERING after start of event.

2. To alleviate potential fire hazards, a hibachi or other cooking device shall be kept a safe distance from any fuel tank.

3. Lit hibachi or other cooking device shall not be left unattended.

4. Hot coals and other burning residues shall be doused and completely extinguished before they are disposed.

5. No dumping of hot coals in the parking lot or in trash receptacles.

6. The owner should dispose of all tailgating material and refuse in a safe manner.

7. No tents and barbecues on the grassy (front lawn on the South end) area and any pedestrian walkway. Exception: Grass area between parking stalls may be used for tailgating.

8. No alcohol capacity containers (kegs, party balls, etc.). *It is unlawful for any adult to provide or purchase alcohol for consumption by minors under the age of 21. 

9. No person shall strew litter on the stadium premises.

10. Tailgate parties shall cease on or before the established curfew (1 hour after event) as designated by the Stadium Manager, and thereupon all vehicles shall promptly vacate the stadium premises.

11. Motorized remoted controlled devices.

Umbrellas are not permitted inside Aloha Stadium.  Poncho’s are available for sale at all concession stands throughout the stadium.

Empty (including no ice) non-glass beverage containers 40 oz. or less are permitted subject to inspection. Aloha Stadium will not be responsible for any personal items left at the gate.

Aloha Stadium provides free wheelchair loaners for Guests that require assistance to their seats. Wheelchairs are located in the North and South First Aid Stations.

Personal wheelchairs can be stored in the following areas:

A. Main Concourse- South & North First Aid Stations.

B. Upper Concourse Sections R and EE (Guests should provide a lock to secure their wheelchairs).

Will Call hours vary by event.  Please call 808-486-9300 for details about specific events.

Aloha Stadium Management reserves the right to adjust stadium policies at their sole discretion without any prior notice.