Want to be a Vendor?

Rental Opportunity… Looking for space for your business?

Whether you’re looking for something ongoing or on occasion, we have what you need. We are Hawaii’s premiere open-air market and offer convenience, safety, entertainment and more. We hope this brief description of the swap meet & marketplace help you determine what is right for all your business needs.


The Permanent Vendor Route: IN PERSON ONLY
– Bring your original Hawaii State General Excise Tax License and a legal form of Identification.
– Complete the application, usage contract and rules & regulations forms and bring it with you to our Box Office, located at Turnstile Gate 6. If you are unable to complete the forms, please bring proper identification and GE license and the proper paperwork will be provided.

The Daily Vendor Route: DAY OF REGISTRATION
– Cost for Daily Vendor (1 day seller) stalls will be $25 per day.
– Each $25 stall gets you two parking spaces.
– Day-of Registration: proceed to the Main Gate in the left-most lane.  Let the Stall Sale Cashier know you’re there to sell for the day.  The cashier will give you a receipt once you’ve paid.  Please place this receipt on the left side of your dashboard; that is your proof of payment.  The Cashier will also hand you a sign that notifies customers they have to wear a Face Mask and that they need to practice Social Distancing.  You must have this sign displayed somewhere in your stall.


Current Stall Usage Contract At Aloha Swap Meet

Rules & Regulations

Vendor Application


Q: Are there any vendor restrictions?
A: Vendors must comply with all State and Federal laws. In addition, no food or ready to serve beverage may be sold without approval from the Aloha Stadium Concessions contractor. Vendors will not be allowed to sell any type of weapon, if you have a question regarding they types of weapons, please contact Box 6.

Q: What time can we set up?
A: For monthly vendors who already have be designated a stall number you may set up starting at 4:00am. Daily vendors should enter through the Main Salt Lake Blvd Gate 1 – far left lane to be redirected to finalize a stall and payment.

Q: What supplies am I required to bring with me in order to comply with all COVID-19 guidelines?
A: All vendors and staff including daily vendors will need to wear face coverings at all times. You must also provide hand sanitizer in your tents available for staff and customers. You will also need to sanitize your products after customer contact. If you do not have these supplies you will not be able to set up.

Thank you for your time and interest in the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace. For more information please contact us at 808.486.6704.