Individual Game Football Tickets Now On Sale

Posted on Aug 21, 2017 in UH Corner

HONOLULU – Individual game tickets for the 2017 University of Hawai’i football season are currently on sale. Tickets can be purchased online, by visiting the Stan Sheriff Center Box Office (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.), or by calling 944-2697 during the same hours.

Tickets are also available at the Aloha Stadium Box Office (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.).

Groups of 24 or more qualify for group rate pricing, and group tickets are also available online.

Ticket prices have been adjusted this season to make it more affordable.

  • Sideline pricing in select areas have been reduced 20-40% over last season.
  • South Endzone Orange level adult pricing has been reduced by 25% over last season.
  • For the first time ever, Senior Citizen (65+) and Student (ages 4 – high school) prices are available in the South Endzone Orange Level.
  • North Endzone Adult price has been reduced by over 35% over last season.  Senior Citizen and Student prices have also decreased in the North Endzone.
  • Group pricing is now available in the South Endzone Orange Level and Sideline Yellow Level.  Group tickets (24 or more) are available online.

Individual football game ticket prices are below:
Sideline (Brown: J, M, JJ, KK, LL, MM) – $75
Sideline (Orange & Blue: K, L, KK, LL) – $70
Sideline (Brown: G, H, N, P, GG, HH, NN, PP) – $70
Sideline (Orange & Blue: J, M, JJ, MM) – $70
Sideline (Brown: F, Q, FF, QQ; Red: K, L, KK, LL) – $50
Sideline (Orange: H, N, HH; Blue: G, H, N, P, GG, HH, NN, PP) – $50
Sideline (Red: H, J, M, N, HH, JJ, MM, NN) – $50
Sideline (Orange: G, P, GG; Blue: F, Q, FF, QQ) – $40
Sideline (Orange: F, Q, FF) – $40
Sideline (Red: F, G, P, GG, PP, QQ) – $35
Sideline (Yellow: All Sections) – $30

South Endzone (Brown: B, C, D, BB, CC, DD, EE) – $40
South Endzone (Blue: All Sections) – $40
South Endzone (Orange: Adult) – $30
South Endzone (Orange: Senior Citizen [65+]) – $25
South Endzone (Orange: Student [4-HS]) – $22

North Endzone (Orange, Blue & Brown: Adult) – $25
North Endzone (Orange, Blue & Brown: Senior Citizen [65+]) – $20
North Endzone (Orange, Blue & Brown: Adult: Student [4-HS]) – $17

Fans who purchase their tickets online will have the option to pick their own seats.

In addition, season tickets are still on sale.