Forty Days With Bubba: Football Strength Coach Bubba Reynolds

Posted on Feb 29, 2016 in UH Corner

University of Hawai’i football added the final element to the staff under head coach Nick Rolovich in early January, with the addition of new strength and conditioning coordinator for football, Bubba Reynolds, who has been working for the past 40 days behind the scenes to elevate the weight room work for the Rainbow Warriors to the next level.

Coach Reynolds took a few moments out of his day to sit down with UH media relations for a question and answer session, providing some insight into his approach and what Hawai’i players and fans can expect from his tenure with the program.

Q: Welcome to the Hawaii Football ‘Ohana coach. Now that you’ve gotten some time in the program, let’s just start off simple, why University of Hawaii? Did you have much of an impression of Hawaii before you took the job?
A: Coming from Southern California, I grew up watching Hawaii. My sister has lived on Maui for the past 14 years, so I have family over here and I’ve always been somewhat connected with the islands. I grew up surfing in Huntington Beach and with the “Eddie” going on this week, that’s something my dad always talked about, and it’s definitely been a big part of my life. I came to Hawaii moreso for coach Rolovich; I believe in what he’s doing, I believe in him as a person, I believe in him as a coach and I believe that the message and the desire is completely there. It’s great working for a guy that will allow me to do my job to the best of my ability without hindering me at all and believes in me and what we’re doing here at Hawaii.

Q: From working at Nevada, you’ve obviously worked alongside both head coach Nick Rolovich in a coaching capacity as well as recruiting coordinator Jason Cvercko. How did those relationships factor into your transition here?
A: It made it easy. With Jason and Rolo already being here, it just made my transition simple—letting me borrow the car, having a friend there to bounce stuff off of that’s already been here, or to have Rolo come grab me to go to a baseball game and introduce me to people and show me what ‘Ohana is and what living aloha is.

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